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Dear Slidewizards,
  After watching our first DVD of my son's 50th birthday pictures through the years, made me want to do a DVD Slide show of my other son using his pictures for his 55thth birthday. Being a surprise for my family, we all enjoyed watching it together over and over again. It was great to see how the years have changed our lives and looking back in the past brought back so many happy memories. Thanks for helping us preserve the past in a fun loving way.
GREAT JOB.   I am now planning a fathers day DVD for you to put together for their Dad. That will be so good showing them as babies and now 4 and 7 years old. Thank you again for helping us enjoy our memories forever.  You are so creative in the work you do.        Dottie
                                                                                                                "The Villages Florida"

The DVD Slidewizards made in memory of my husband's grandma was just beautiful. The family enjoyed seeing all the good memories at the funeral service and also being able to hold on to it as a keepsake. There was not a lot of time to get it put together since her death came on quite suddenly, but Slidewizards really pulled through for us and got it dondewizards efforts and hard work to me on time. We appreciate all of sliake something so nice for our family. Anyone I know that would be looking for some sort of keepsake DVD of photos, I would definitely send them there way. They do awesome, professional work. True artiste. The work  speaks for itself.
                                                                               Great job!               Shari A. Rusk   Milwaukee, WI
      The slide show you put together for our Mother and Fathers 50th wedding anniversary was outstanding. It was shown more the 6 times that night on a large screen projector. The work you put into touching up the photos really paid off. The Music along with the powerful theme and animations was a true masterpiece. It was a completed hit work of art that my family will enjoy for ever. We'll need at least 10 more copies.                                                             Jean & Bob / Jansvile, WI
        I just want to thank you for the beautiful job you did with your photo service and slideshow at our mother and fathers 40th wedding anniversary.  We loved your candid approach of capturing the event, and then making a work of art out of the pictures as a slideshow was a real plus.  Again.  Thank you.  Will be using you again,         Carol and Bob / Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
Dear Slidewizards,
I never expected such a wonderful show. You turned my old faded and dusty slides into to a true masterpiece.  My wife and I watched the show over and over, better than a home video.
                                                                                                                                              Dick / Florida   
   What a wonderful tribute to Ralph's life that you provided to his family and friends. I am truly impressed and grateful for the fine work.    
                                                                                                     Thanks      Jean /  Milwaukee Reporters
Dear Slidewizards,
Thanks you for the wonderful wedding DVD! It was so kind and thoughtful of you to create this for us. Not only dose it look beautiful, bit it also captures the joy and spirit of the celebration. This is something that we will treasure forever and we cannot thank you enough.
                                                                              With Love, Tiffany and Richard / San Francisco, CA
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     Thank you so much for the beautiful memories you made for me.  You took  my pictures, both old and new and with incredible speed turned them into a  story that I can re-live over and over. Your choice of music with every  series of pictures was a perfect fit to highlight my memories on the CD and  DVD that you made for                                                            Thank you, Sheri  / Kennebunk, ME
Dear Slidewizards,
Thank you for such on outstanding job. The work you did on putting my old  pictures and slides into a cherish able memory was wonderful. It's  unbelievable how made the pictures look so nice. I had a picture that was  red and you were able to take the red out. My family couldn't believe that  it was the same picture. AMAZING! The music that you put with the pictures  went so well with them and the time you took to do this was incredible.  Before we knew it the DVD was all done and we were sitting down to watch it.  Our family watches it over and over.  Thank you so much for making this  wonderful memory that our family can cherish for years.
                                                              You certainly  deserve a TEN!!!!!!           Karen  / Wisconsin
I just want to take this time to E-mail you and tell you how wonderful  and prompt you were. I sent you my family photos and asked you to make a  slide show of them for me. I had no idea what to expect doing business over  the Internet. It was a surprise to get a phone call from your company to ask  questions about details in my photos so it would be special to me and my  family. The finished show was excellent and at Christmas I played it to the  entire family. They loved it!  You also put special features of movie clips  I sent along with on video tape. These personal touches that made your work  truly unique and special and you did it all in a very timely fashion... So  once again, thank you Slidewizards I'll be looking to do more work with you  in the future.
                                                                                                                 JAY/MICHELLE    Brookfield, WI   
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Dear Slidewizards: Just arrived home from a wonderful vacation with my family. My two sons have birthdays 5 days apart in May so we always celebrate them together along with Mother's Day. My gift to my 50 year old son was the DVD with pictures from birth to 2006 his 50th birthday. What a surprise for all the family when we put in the DVD and they saw the 200 pictures and heard the beautiful music you had put in to make it seem so real. We laughed a lot and cried a little because it made us remember the wonderful times we had together and remembering our son growing up. Thanks so very much for all your effort and time that you put into making his 50th Birthday so special. Having his school pictures all the way to College Graduation were very special. The DVD will definitely be a family keep sake for my grandchildren. They especially loved it when they appeared into our lives. Appreciate you putting all the family pictures together. I will be happy to recommend you to my friends and will be getting pictures together for my other son for you to make another DVD for me. We all sure enjoyed the special effects you added and will always be grateful for your time and talent to make this into to a great Birthday gift for my son.
                                                                                       Sincerely, The Jones Family / Sunny Florida

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