In 1968,  "The Messengers" signed with Motown ,
Michael Morgan, Peter Barnes, Bob (Mother) Cavallo, and John Hoier.

     In 1971, the Messengers reached number 62 in the US national charts with "That's the Way a Woman is. Toured Japan and for some reason broke up shortly after.

   This recording (Big Step) was done live on a Late night TV show in Japan much like the Johnny Carson Show here in the states.
I don't know for sure who holds the copyright was found on YouTube

    That's the Way a Woman is,  became a bigger hit bigger hit in Japan (under the title "Ki ni naru onna no ko" .  This song had a small revival in 2005 in Japan due to its being used in an Otsuka Pharmaceutical  "Amino Supli" sports drink commercial.

     Even today you can go to Japan and hear,
                                   "That's the Way a Woman is."

Big Step
This song was preformed and recorded on Japan TV Show
Back in the 70's, I had the honor of working with a group of guys and yes girls too. A rock & roll group called The Messengers. That part of my life was the best so I put this page together of some of the trivia I have left. If you might have something to add, please let us know.                                 
Roadie    1969-72   "Larry Mondello"  Styer  
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In Memory of
Peter Barnes
He is rocking with the best now.
June 23rd, 1946
August 31st, 2004
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