Your Slide Show includes:
- touch up as needed each photo or slide
- professional transitions between pictures
- pan/zoom effect (Ken Burns)
- title and comments added to pictures
- customized DVD menu
- professionally labeled DVD
The average slide show costs  $100 and up depending on the length of the slide show. About 20 minutes play time. 
Shipping and handling $6.00 anywhere in the USA
Just scanning service-
  Scanned Print photos, slides or documents  = 
39  each
To get an exact pricing estimate based on the uniqueness of your slide show,
  e-mail us at
Scans only:
       photos, 35mm slides or documents
This cost includes:
   - touch up of each photo or slide as needed with Photoshop

   - your choice of professionally labeled DVD or CD with all your
           scans saved in high resolution format .jpg,  .tiff    
                          Scanned Print photos, slides or documents  =
39  each
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* Slide Show Pricing is defined by
The number of photos that are used for your show
Printed photos or slides (which need to be scanned) are
75 per photo or 35mm slide.
Digital Photos :  photo you have on CD, DVD, or memory card   only
55 per photo.
Scanned:  A typical  slide show (135 pictures) will run . . . . 
$101.25 plus $9.95 for first copy DVD
Digital:      A typical slide show (135 pictures) will run . . . . 
$74.25  plus $9.95 for first copy DVD
Digital means you provide us with CD, DVD, or pictures from your digital camera or photos you have
                                                                                                                               extra copies  $9.95 each
          VHS Tapes to DVD  click here for special offer on transfers
Convert your videotape to DVD before it self destruction sets in.
  Do you have important video recording like a wedding or other important event on VHS Tape? Video to
                         DVD conversion:Two hours
$19.95 + S&H   
Not only is watching a DVD easier and more enjoyable than videotape, but it is a proven fact that video tape is temporary. Video tapes stored even in the best environments may fade in just a few short years
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