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Fund Raiser
   Looking for a way to raise money for your church, club, or school. 

Slide Show Pricing is defined by  the amount of photos:
  Print photos or slides (which need to be scanned) are 45 per photo or 35mm slide.
  Each scanned photo or slide is touched up in Photoshop
  You will receive a CD of all photos, slides, or documents as .tiff file.
  A minimum order of 15 DVD copies must be placed.
  Scanned:  A typical Anniversary slide show (125 pictures) will run . . . .  $56.25
  Royalty-free music only on Fund Raiser.
  You pay us $4.95 for each DVD.
  You sell each DVD for $9.95.
  make $5.00 for each copy you sell
  If you sell 40 DVD slide shows at $9.95 each, your profit will be $143.75.
  40 DVD's X $5. = $200  minus $56.25 will yield a $143.75 profit
   You must purchase DVDs from us at the total rate of $4.95 each
   You are not authorized to make your own copies at this Fund Raiser price.
Slide Show Wizards
can turn your
      pictures into
a celebration
Fund Raiser
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