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      It's a good idea to answer some general questions before ripping apart photo albums and shoe boxes. A few questions to ask yourself about your photo slideshow:

- What is my slideshow's main idea? If you're planning an anniversary slideshow, it might be a couple's history together. The relationship between a mother and daughter works for a Mother's Day slideshow. For a graduation photo slideshow, you may want to focus on the graduates school accomplishments. For a childhood photo montage, you might choose one year's worth of baby photos. This question may sound simple, but knowing the slideshow's purpose will help you to focus when selecting photos. Most importantly, it will enable you to exclude photos that may be lovely, but which don't fit your main idea. Excising extraneous photos will result in a tighter, more interesting show.
- Besides photos, what other media fit my slideshow's main idea? For example, video clips can be lively highlights for a slideshow. On screen titles and captions can help inform the audience about important facts. And invitations, newspaper articles,and other memorabilia can provide unique touches.
- How would I like my slideshow to be organized? Most often, DVD slideshows are organized chronologically or by a topic or theme. What works best for yours?
- Emotion: Do you want the slideshow to make viewers laugh? Cry? Go "awww..." All three and more? Choose your photos accordingly.
- How long should my slideshow be? A slideshow consisting of 100-200 photos. We have created many successful slideshows of that length for events. However, for slideshows such as personal biographies or family histories, length is not as important since the slideshow is mainly for posterity.

Choose the sections for your slideshow and organize your photos!
Once you've thought about the goals for your slideshow,  then it's time to choose photos. Make sure you leave
enough time for this step - it can take awhile!

However, don't start pulling apart your photo albums yet. First, you need to decide on the sections that will
make up your slideshow. Most slideshows are organized by a few different thematic chunks, which are usually chronological or by topic.

For a personal biography, chronological usually works best:
1. Childhood
2. Young Adult
3. Marriage
4. Kids
5. Senior Years and Grandchildren

For an reception slide show or anniversary slideshow, topics
can be effective:
1. Couple photos over the years
2. Bride's childhood
3. Groom's childhood
4. The wedding party and family
5. Recent couple photos

A childhood photo montage might also have topics:
1. Baby's birth
2. Baby and family
3. Learning to walk
4. Going to preschool
After deciding on the larger sections within your slideshow, then you're ready to choose photos and organize them into each section. We can use any photo up to 8x10 in size. Small photos, slides, and negatives are fine too. We also accept digital photos. And don't forget memorabilia: don't hesitate to include newspaper articles, announcements, certificates, invitations, drawings, cards, and anything else that's relatively flat.

Remember, you can always add more sections as you're going through photos. For example, you might have everything organized for your daughters graduation photo slideshow, and at the last second, a photo album of her summer camp photos turns up!

Got your photos chosen? Now, go through each section and put your photos into the order you wish them to appear on screen. When all your photos are in order, go through them again and eliminate any that seem repetitious. Then go through them a third time and eliminate again. The more concise you can be, the better the slideshow. Although it seems impossible, your audience will not have patience for 20 nearly-identical photos of your cute baby. Sometimes an objective friend can also help by going through your photos and selecting photos that can be cut.
Number your photos.
Add documents.

Title Screens
Mail your order to us!
Before we finalize your show.

Tips for helping us make  the perfect slideshow for you
Click here
to down load  a PDF for printing this information       
Before you begin your personalized slideshow . . .
If you want to add other documents like newspaper articles, diplomas, that can be scan and added to show.  Add a post-it to them and add any info we might need  Movie clips can be added to your show but best if you have them converted to a DVD or other digital media
Next, label and number each photo in order. Number the first photo "1" and count upwards. Each photo should have a unique number. If there are 50 photos, the first photo should be "1" and the last should be "50."

There are a few different ways you can label your photos:
1. Write the number on a small adhesive label or sticker and put it on the back of the photo.
2. Write the number on a small post-it note and put it on the back of the photo.
3. Write the number on the back of the photo with a light pencil. If you choose this option, don't press too hard with the pencil. Please don't use a pen or a marker, which can distort the photo, bleed through, or smear.
Do not put any labels or post-it on the front of a photo, or write on the front of it.

What if you need to add or remove a photo after you've already done all your numbering? It's easy. To add a photo, just add a letter to its number. For example, let's say you want to add a new photo between photo #13 and photo #14. The new photo would receive the number "13A." If you wish to remove a specific photo, just take it out and make a note of it
          : "There is no photo #36." For all other changes, please renumber as needed.

For slides, write the number in pencil on the paper border.

You must remove all photos from frames and scrapbooks or albums.

When all your print photos and slides are in order and numbered, place them in Ziploc bags
or large envelopes. If possible, use a separate bag or envelope for each section.

If you are including digital photos, change the name of each file name to the correct number.
For example: "25.jpg." You may provide your digital photos on a CD-R, memory card, or a flash
drive (all are returned to you).

Title screens are terrific for opening your show, introducing sections of different content, and offering
congratulations or best wishes at the end of the show. They can also be used to provide on screen credits.
Please include your photos, CDs, videotapes, order form, and payment, and use the mailing address that's on the bottom of the order form. will mail you order form and any special instructions.

For safe shipping, make sure to pack your project as carefully as possible to avoid any damage. As mentioned above, place your photos into Ziploc bags to seal out moisture. If you used paper envelopes to organize your photos, put the envelopes into a large single Zip-lock bag. Then place the baggies between layers of cardboard to protect them. If you are enclosing 5x7s or 8x10s, definitely use cardboard to avoid bending photos.

If you are including videotapes, we recommend first placing your tapes in a Ziploc plastic bag to seal out moisture. Then, wrap your tapes with bubble wrap before putting them in your envelope or box.

Finally, tightly pack all of your materials in a padded or reinforced envelope or sturdy box. All of these steps add an extra buffer of protection.

In addition, we strongly recommend sending your package via a trackable shipping carrier such as UPS, FedEx, or USPS with tracking service. We have never lost a package using these services!

We realize that your photos and tapes are irreplaceable and we handle your materials with the highest attention and care. However, we cannot be held responsible for any damage that occurs during the shipping process. This is why we encourage you to pack your project correctly and send it via trackable shipping. We will do the same when we send your completed project back to you.

We up load the slide show so you can review it and ask to make final changes.
                                                                                     (High Speed Internet connection is needed.)   


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